Sunday, 18 March 2018

Sunday - 30km

I managed to get out much earlier today, both because of the forecast and a special one year old decided to celebrate his birthday this morning. Anyway, it was a good choice, as I think I mostly avoided the heat. It wasn’t cold by any means, but it certainly wasn’t bad either. 21 degrees when I left home, 22 when I got back. I could definitely feel yesterday’s Parkrun in my legs, so I just ran accordingly. Got back from a lap of the lake in a surprising sub-1:59, a fair bit quicker than it felt. I won’t complain about that. Time to jump into the ocean - it may be my last time until next spring!

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Saturday - Parkrun

I finally hardened up this morning and did Parkrun. An easy jog to Curl Curl on a very humid morning, but I was actually feeling quite good. I was happy to see Andy turn up before the start, meaning I’d have someone to chase. As soon as the fun went, it was myself, Andy and another young (very fast) one who were breaking away from everyone else. My plan was to sit in behind them and just try to hang on as long as I could. Things started getting tough just after the 1km mark, and I felt myself dropping off. But then the young guy gapped Andy and before I knew it, I was right back on Andy’s tail. I sat there and regrouped until the 3km mark, where by this time I was ready to go again. So just before Harbord Rd, I surged and managed to drop Andy. Less than 2km to go, I told myself that I could really put down the hammer. And to my surprise, I started catching the young guy in front of me. I had no idea what pace I was running, but I was feeling good. I managed to catch him inside the final kilometer. Not really knowing what to do, I neither made a break or got dropped - I simply ran with him (in hindsight, I should have kept going when I caught him). Then with 200m to go, he took off and out three seconds into me at the finish line. Nevertheless, I was extremely happy to finish in 16:28 (3:18’s), much quicker than I had anticipated - especially in those conditions. Andy cam home in third about 20-30 seconds after. I got to catch up with a few others including Darren, Macca, and Matty at the end which was nice. Then a long cooldown along the beachfronts of Curl Curl, Freshwater and Manly. Absolutely drenched now!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Thursday - 15km

I already knew yesterday that I was going to struggle this morning given the level of perceived effort during my Wednesday run. So no surprises when I eventually got out there this morning and started running. I simply just adjusted he pace to run at the speed that my body would allow, without overstraining. And in that regard, it felt easier than yesterday. But it was definitely slower. My goal then became to firstly try to run faster than last Thursday (which I was confident of doing), and secondly to sneak under 57 minutes. I managed the latter, getting to North Head and back in 56:51 (3:47’s). Definitely nowhere near my fastest, but it’s an improvement on my disaster of a week last week - which I’ll take as a sign of encouragement. All-in-all, I managed four great runs and two very average runs this week, so in hindsight that’s actually quite good. Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow. Not too sure about Parkrun on Saturday given how I felt this morning - might be best to play it safe and just run another lap of North Head like last Saturday, which I actually really enjoyed!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Wednesday - 15km

I felt like I was in survival mode from the start this morning. My alarm woke me up from a very deep sleep (which is rare these days), so wasn’t really feeling up for it this morning, I got out there, of course, almost pulling the pin at the 2km mark. Knowing how annoyed I’d be for the rest of the day for doing so, I soldiered on. Admittedly, despite a somewhat coolish 19 degrees, the 95% humidity was a real killer. Out to Fairlight via Shelly and back today, dodging a few stray dogs and pedestrians today. I was thinking I’d finish well into the 56’s today, so was quite happy to get home in 55:32 (3:42’s). Intensity-wise it felt harder than usual, but I’m just glad to get through that one this morning. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Tuesday - 15km

Im definitely feeling better by the day, although the conditions today weren’t always going to show it. A miserable morning with patchy bits a drizzle throughout, along with a moderately strong southeasterly sea breeze were far removed from world record conditions. Did I mention it was slightly humid when sheltered from the wind? Enough excuses, I felt good and kept the pace honest without smashing myself - the intensity that I should run each morning. Up to North Head and back this morning, finishing in 55:42 (3:42’s), quite a good time considering the conditions. Best of all, it felt good!

Monday, 12 March 2018

Monday - 15km

Great conditions when I started this morning, you could feel Easter in the air. Unfortunately I stuffed around a bit at home prior to leaving, so as soon as the sun came out (which it did from the second kilometer onwards), it did start to heat up quite quickly. Should’ve left half an hour earlier! Oh well. I felt reasonably good today, especially for a Monday morning. Not too sore from yesterday’s long run, but not as fresh (obviously) as I felt on Saturday morning. All-in-all, and most importantly, I am feeling much better that I have over the past few weeks. It was th Shelly-Fairlight Loop this morning, and it as quit crowded both with humans and dogs. The pace actually felt faster than what it was, finishing in 55:18 (3:41’s). Nothing amazing, but nothing terrible either - I guess you could say that I am satisfied with that.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Sunday - 30km

That was the best long run I’ve had this year! The conditions were almost perfect, and I felt quite good - a winning combination. Stuck to the lap of the lake (still a bit cautious, hence why I avoided the coastal route), keeping the pace controlled and steady. I actually got to the Wakehurst Parkway and was able to slightly increase the pace, something I haven’t been able to do for a long time during a long run. Got back to Harris Farm (or slightly past it, as the GPS underread a bit this morning) in 1:57:34 (3:55’s). Really happy with that, especially as I actually had a bit left in the tank. Let’s hope that whatever I suffered from over the past week or two is well and truly gone!