Thursday, 17 August 2017

Thursday - 12' threshold (off 3'), 16 x 300m (off 100m jog) + 8km recovery (pm)

Another brand new session, and probably the longest one I've got on my program. Ran up to North Head for this - didn't care about the undulations making my pace slower, hills are speedwork in disguise. Plus, running up and down the beachfront - despite its beauty, can get dull quickly. Pushed the 12 minute effort quite hard, getting out 3.66km (averaging 3:16.7 min/km pace). A much needed three minute rest before commencing the 300's. This was tough, as both the quantity was huge (16 of them!!!) and the 100m jog, even at just a shuffle, is only 30 seconds recovery. The pace of these varied depending on which part of the North Head loop I was on (obviously the downhills were much quicker than the uphills), ranging from 53 seconds up to 61.3 seconds, averaging 58.7 seconds (3:15.7 min/km pace). Didn't have many gears left during these, so the goal was to simply get them done in a respectable time. 10.25km session all up! Happy with that, especially the pace of the 12 minute effort. I can only improve from that. I need to get it back down to sub 3:10 pace. Cut the cool-down a bit short due to the volume of the session. 17.5km all up. Quite knackered now!

Out for an easy 8km along the beachfront on an absolutely glorious day. 4:36's.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Wednesday - 20km + strides

My least favourite run of the week. I was out just after 6am to a balmy 21 degrees! I just did the usual North Head loop, although I bumped into Darren from 16-19km, so had some company. He was feeling it more than I was, still recovering from a solid C2S on Sunday. 20km in 4:13's (probably a little too fast). Finished with strides.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Tuesday - 5 x 1 mile (off 2' standing rest) + 8km recovery (pm)

I hate this session! The two minutes standing rest between the reps are about the only thing that motivates me to keep going, but even by the end of the session the novelty wears thin. I've been absolutely destroyed by this session in the past, due mainly to not giving it the respect it deserves (put simply, going out too hard). But today for the first time ever I managed to nail the pace from the first rep. It actually felt uncomfortable throughout (and I really had to battle with myself to stay on track), but never went beyond that red line. This was shown by my splits - 5'16.9, 5'16.6, 5'20.2, 5'18.1 and 5'20.9. Very consistent, averaging 5'18.5 (3:19 min/km pace). So an improvement since last time (3:22 pace), but still some way to go (best is 3:12 or 3:11 pace). So very happy with that! A longish cooldown for 17km all up. Just missed a very light bit of rain!

An easy 8km around Randwick just before lunch. Felt better and better the further I went. 4:39's.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Monday - 15km + strides

I actually felt better than I thought I would this morning (I thought I would really struggle). Got out for my usual Monday beachfront to Fairlight loop (solo). A lot of smoke in the air. 15km in 4:14's. Finished with strides.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Sunday - 30km

Solo long run, which was to be expected given that the biggest foot race in the world is on. A beautiful day for it. I had originally intended to go along the coast, but was slightly apprehensive given that I had done a monster hill session yesterday. So back to the traditional lap of the lake. Felt fine, kept the pace steadier than usual, very consistent throughout. 30km in 4:10's. Quite a massive week with 152km!

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Saturday - 1 x Allambie Rd (3.55km), 1 x long hill (500m), 5 x short hills (200m) (am), + 8km recovery (pm)

This was bloody tough! Another brand new session, so went exactly sure what to expect. I'd only ever run up Allambie Rd once before, but that was during an easy run - even then it was tough. A short warm-up to the bottom of the hill before getting straight into it. It's a relentless climb, with only two very short periods of respite throughout. The first half is definitely steeper, but the final 500m feels like hell! Got to the peak in 14:10 (3.55km), with an average power output of 316 watts (so, very hard)! 3:59 min/km pace, and 134m of elevation. I took an easy jog to the entrance of the aquatic centre before turning around for the 500m hill. Did this in 1:46, but this was really more undulating than a steep climb once I surpassed the 200m mark. Returned and did the 5 x 200m hills. Now these were brutal! It had the steep part from the aforementioned 500m hill. 48, 48, 47, 48 and 48 seconds. Consistent! 7.5km all up in just over 30 minutes - including jog recoveries. A longer cool-down heading back to sea level - which was actually not that easy. 17km all up.

An easier 8km just before lunch around Manly. Slower than Thursday, which is good. 4:42's.

Friday - 10km easy

Beautiful hot morning. Really took it easy along the beachfront, feeling much better as the run progressed. 10km in 4:35's.