Sunday, 17 December 2017

Sunday - 30km

Much the same as yesterday - horrible running conditions! I actually started off in a storm this morning, a downpour hitting me about five minutes after I left. This included thunder and lightning. It didn’t last long, then the humidity really hit. It’s tough running in this, as I actually feel good but just can’t hit the same pace for a given intensity which is always frustrating. It’s probably worse when you are running by yourself, as at least when you are with others you all slow down to s similar degree - confirming your thoughts that it is the weather, not yourself going soft that is slowing you down. Around the lake as per usual, with nothing out of the ordinary to report. Although I did have quite a strong southerly headwind on return, just to add further insult to the conditions. Got back to Harris Farm in 1:59:00 (3:58’s), again, like yesterday, probably not a bad time given the humidity. Did I mention it was humid? Time for a swim!

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Saturday - Manly to Spit & return

It was absolutely disgusting out there this morning in terms of humidity. I felt like I was running in an oven for most of it. I was able to maintain my normal level of perceived exertion, but the pace lagged behind quite a bit. Oh well, just got to get through days like these. But this was definitely the worst it’s been this summer so far! Got caught out with quite a high tide as well, meaning the slower traverse across the rocks. Quite crowded out there as well! Got home in 87:31 (4:22’s), a lot slower than usual but I’ve got no gauge to rate that against as those conditions were next level. I feel just as knackered as usual, so I guess the time was fine then? Anyway, time for a swim!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Thursday - 15km

I felt great again this morning, but unfortunately holding a faster pace to prove it was going to impossible given the heat and humidity out there this morning. In saying that, I still worked at my normal intensity and felt strong despite the conditions. Nothing much to report other than my rant about ‘extreme’ weather conditions. Got back to North Steyne in 55:13 (3:41’s), faster than I had anticipated (I was thinking a sub-55 would have been pushing it at best). Time to jump into the ocean to dry myself!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Wednesday - 15km

Probably no need to state the obvious, but it was hot and humid again today. I woke up feeling a million dollars, I don’t know what I did differently yesterday to achieve this, so I’ve just got to roll with it when the opportunity presents. Out and about the busy Shelly-Fairlight loop seeing Darren, Justin, Laurent, and ‘Carbo’ (from channel 7’s Packed to the Rafters). Feeling good, I still kept the pace comfortable, backing off once or twice when I caught myself trying to push beyond what I should be. I’m even more wary in these conditions, as I know that one run overcooking it can leave an impact for weeks after (hello Melbourne Half Marathon 2015). Sweat was flicking off my wrists with every arm swing in the unshaded places (actually, that’s a lot of this course, North Head is the better option if you want shade - I’ll remember that tomorrow morning). Got back to North Steyne in a very swift 54:10 (3:36’s), much quicker than anticipated given the heat. Once again, it’s now time for a quick swim!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Tuesday - 15km

Just as I had anticipated, this morning was tough! I felt good, it’s the weather that hit me for six! I recognise that this week I have to adjust my expectations given the heat and humidity, and just try to match my normal level of perceived exertion rather than overcook it (literally) to try and run in the 54’s each morning (I did that a few weeks ago and paid for it). Up to North Head this morning, really appreciating the small amounts of shade I could find along the way. The sun seriously had some bite to it! Pretty packed along the beachfront, everyone out to try and get in some last minute exercise and weight loss as they taper towards their Christmas celebrations. I got home in 55:29 (3:42’s), usually not something that I would be over the moon with, but not too bad at all given the conditions. More of the same is forecast for the next week, so perhaps 55 is the new 54? Time to jump into the ocean once again.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Monday - 15km

Out of bed from a deep slumber to plod through my Monday morning blues. Didn’t feel amazing by any means, so I just held a pace that was hard enough intensity wise, but didn’t feel fast at all. An absolutely stunner of a morning, although getting warmer by the second! The sad thing is that it’s onky going to get hotter (i.e. tougher) each morning this week according to the forecast. So I’m not expecting anything flashy in terms of times this week. The Shelly-Fairlight loop this morning, seeing Darren, Emilia and Maria along the way. Other than hurdling over an unleashed dog, there is nothing else of excitement to report. Other than a moderate northeasterly seabreeze which had developed for the (almost) final mile stretch from Manly to Queenscliff (an unwelcome headwind). At least it cooled me down a bit! Got back to North Steyne in 54:42 (3:39’s), a bit quicker than I thought. Happy with that, especially as I could feel he weekend’s runs in my legs the entire way. Time for a swim now.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Sunday - 30km

Pretty good conditions out there this morning for a summer long run. Out solo for the usual lap of the lake with a very light southwesterly keeping the temperature and humidity well under control. Got the the dream run, not having to stop once at any traffic lights or intersections along the way. I felt quite good (thanks to a big bowl of pho and a side of pumpkin curry for dinner last night), but kept the pace well within in control the entire way, never really straining at anytime. I was deafened by the cicadas around the lake, peaking just next to Cromer Golf Course at Wheeler Heights. It was insane, but in a good way! Got back to Harris Farm in a very solid 1:54:35 (3:59’s), a great time considering the relative perceived effort. Time for a swim, hopefully the water has warmed up since last time!